In acording to statistics from 2014., 377 active legal entities have been registered in Srebrenik Municipality, of which 375 private companies – mainly SMEs, and two state-owned enterprises – JP “Vodovod i kanalizacija” (Public Company “Water and Sewer”) and JKP “9. Septembar” (Public Utility Company “9th September”).

Industrial facilities are mainly situated along the river bed of the River Tinja, the railway track and the main road. The predominant business activity are the extraction of ore and stone (approx. 1 million tons p.a.) and manufacturing and trade in construction joinery (approx. 40 to 50 million BAM p.a.).


Municipality Srebrenik has the potential for development of agriculture and tourism sectors.

Agriculture/Food Production and Processing

Agriculture sector’s potentials are the large area of plough land with opportunities for growing fruit and vegetable and cultures for livestock farming and for building processing capacities for fruit and vegetables and for meat, milk and eggs.

  • In Srebrenik Municipality 24,792 hectares of land is available, out of which 44.12% are forests and infertile land, and 55.88% is agricultural land. According to land classification, 1,782 hectares (11.9%) of high-quality land, most readily arable, is located in the alluvium of Tinja river and its tributaries.
  • Out of 10,511 hectares of plough land and gardens, only 4,048 hectares (38.51%) are cultivated, which provides an unexploited opportunity for further development of farming, animal husbandry (cattle and sheep farming), fruit (mostly plum and apple) and vegetable growing (potatoes, cabbage, onions, gherkins and greenhouse production of tomatoes and peppers) in particular.
  • There are potentials for building of processing capacities for fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs. Currently only two food processors are operational, namely “Fana” d.o.o. and “Corn Flips” d.o.o. and large quantities of fruit and vegetables remain unused (about 3,000 tons of plums and 1,000 tons of apples unused in 2013).
  • Significant land area can be used for farming of corn, silage and hay as a base for livestock farming (intensive farming of cattle, sheep, etc.), i.e. for meat and milk production and for development of poultry farming capacities. In addition to potentials for production, there is also a strong potential for building of facilities for final processing of meat, milk and eggs and production of a wide range of products from these raw materials.


The tourism is a sector with potentials to support a sustainable economic development of the Municipality.

The tourist offer includes:

  • A tourist jewel, “Stari grad Srebrenik”, architectural ensemble dating from the year 1333, is the best known cultural and historical monument in Srebrenik Municipaliy. That same year, Srebrenik was first mentioned in written historical sources in the Charter of Bosnian Ban Stjepan II Kotromanić.
  • The surrounding region of ecologically preserved Mount Majevica with the highest peak of 917 meters is available for sports and recreation and tourism (hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hill motocross races and winter tourism). The “Mount center” at Majevica Mt is a place for traditional gathering of mountaineers from BiH and neighboring countries.
  • The sports and recreation center and motel “Orion” in Ormanica with tennis courts, swimming pools, swimming artificial lake, well-equipped conference hall, restaurant and accommodation capacities offers opportunities for sports and recreation tourism.
  • An artificial lake “Fishing story”, located close to Orion, is abundant in various types of fish (predominantly carp) providing excellent opportunities for fishing. The terrain with nice landscape is suitable for a family gathering, picnics etc.
  • The Municipality is host of the Open City of Art festival (“OGUS”) founded in 1977 that every year in August gathers artists from the wider region who present art, music, performance, literature, sport and community.
  • The most visited islamic pilgrimage sites in the Municipality are Seona-Ratiš and Brnjičani-Prisadi (religious tourism).
  • Four motels and several restaurants are available to visitors and tourists (about 300 rooms).


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