Issuance of work permits for foreign nationals

A foreign national seeking employment in companies operating in B&H must have a work permit.

Work permits are issued by the competent Employment Service offices responsible for the region of employer’s head office.

The employer shall submit, on behalf of foreign workers, the application for a work permit. A work permit is issued for a specific person for the specific job, for specific employer and for a specific time. A work permit shall expire when employment ceases. A work permit is valid for one year and may be extended.

Founders of a company or enterprise with a seat in B&H, performing certain tasks in that company or enterprise, if such tasks do not have characteristics of employment and does not exceed a total of three months a year do not have to obtain a work permit in B&H

If a company founder also is to be the manager of that company and receive a salary for his work, then he/she must have a working permit in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Movement and Stay of Aliens and Immigrants of B&H.

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