• Srebrenik Municipality offers to investors an attractive geographic location, 50 km from border crossings with the Republic of Croatia (EU) – (Brčko and Orašje border crossings) and 80 km away from Republic of Serbia (border crossing near Bijeljina), close to transport corridors and rivers port of Brcko District BiH, with qualified workforce, competitive labor costs and positive experience of existing foreign investors in doing business in the Municipality.
  • In cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group member, municipal administrative fees have been substantially reduced, together with the number and deadlines for issuance of necessary municipal documents for starting up a new business (about 30% less time in processing) and with significant savings for existing and future businesses (about 20% less costs) which is now more favorable in comparison to other municipalities of Tuzla Canton. Also, the Municipality has established “one-stop-shop”, i.e. counter for issuance of licenses/approvals.
  • Business opportunities in Srebrenik Municipality are significant untapped resources in the agriculture production and processing (available high-quality land and unexploited opportunity for development of farming, animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable growing) and tourism sectors (a tourism jewel “Stari grad Srebrenik” – “The Old Town Srebrenik”, ecologically preserved Mount Majevica with a „Mount Center‟, sports and recreation center “Orion” in Ormanica, etc.).
  • Attractive location of the Business Zone in Špionica, situated on the main road Tuzla-Orašje, 6 km from Srebrenik and 44 km from the national border with the Republic of Croatia (EU), offers to investors production facilities under lease and through joint venture with owners.

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